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Fuzzy Sets-Based Methods and Techniques for Modern Analytics
مولف Ali Ebrahimnejad, José Luis Verdegay مترجم
ناشر Springer International Publishing تاریخ انتشار 2018
نوبت چاپ First تعداد صفحات 361
قیمت پشت جلد 119.99 Euro ارسال کننده mohsenvaez
نوع جلد اندازه
کد DOI 10.1007/978-3-319-73903-8 کد دیویی
کد ال سی فایل کتاب -
The book offers a comprehensive, practice-oriented introduction to the field of fuzzy mathematical programming (FMP) as key topic of modern analytics.  FMP plays a fundamental role in dealing with a varied range of problems, such as those concerning smart cities, sustainability, and renewable energies. This book includes an introduction to the basic concepts, together with extensive information on the computational-intelligence-based optimization models and techniques that have been used to date. Special emphasis is given to fuzzy transportation problems. The book is a valuable resource for researchers, data scientists and practitioners dealing with computational-intelligence-based optimization models for analytics.

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